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Jane Stricker

Sr. Vice President, Energy Transition & Executive Director HETI
Office Phone Number: 713-844-3620

As the Senior Vice President, Energy Transition and Executive Director of HETI, Jane is responsible for leading the Partnership’s initiative to leverage Houston’s energy leadership to accelerate global solutions for a low-carbon future. She leads a coalition of industry, academia and community partners to ensure the long-term economic competitiveness and advancement of the Houston region towards a more sustainable and net-zero emissions future. 

Prior to joining the Partnership, Jane spent over 20 years at bp in a variety of roles. Her most recent role as Senior Relationship Manager of Regions, Cities and Solutions integrated her as a critical partner to cities and industry to collaborate on low-carbon energy solutions, working closely with the City of Houston to implement their Climate Action Plan.  

Jane is a contributing faculty member of the University of Houston’s Center for Carbon Management in Energy, a Regional Advisory Board member for the Energy Industries Council, North & Central America, and member of the Advisory Board of the Houston Chapter of WRISE.  

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