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Harris County Toll Road Authority's New Plan to Create Additional Trailways

Published May 26, 2022 by Brina Morales

Sims Bayou

The Tollways to Trailways plan aims to connect toll roads to trails like Sims Bayou

A new plan designed to increase access to green space, improve air quality and increase transportation options in Harris County is moving forward.

The Harris County Commissioners Court recently approved an initial $53 million for Harris County Toll Road Authority’s “Tollways to Trailways” plan. It includes 236 miles of active transportation projects with the goal of increasing access to trailways, bikeways, parks, transit hubs, schools and communities. 

According to HCTRA’s planning document, the agency has identified 22 “quick win” projects, projects with less hurdles and higher community benefits, with an estimated cost of $131 million. Projects include adding a west extension from Mercer Botanic Gardens to Lents Family Park to the Cypress Creek Greenway and a trail along Space Center Boulevard from Middlebrook Drive to the Battleground Golf Course in Deer Park. 

Map of proposed Tollways to Trailways projects (Courtesy: HCTRA)

The initial funding approved will go toward design and implementation of some of the quick win projects and portions of the Houston to Galveston Trail project within Harris County limits. The Houston to Galveston Trail is focused on creating a safe connection between Emancipation Park and Mason Park.

There are an additional 41 projects with an estimated cost of $470 million. The HCTRA says collaboration, partnerships and public input will be required for the plan to be successful. 

The additional trailways will only add to the region’s expansive trail and bikeway system. In a Facebook post reacting to a Houston Chronicle editorial, Precinct 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis praised the project writing, “I think the Tollways to Trailways project is a game-changer. Harris County can be a leader in delivering transformative transportation solutions for our residents.”

Learn more about living in Houston and transportation infrastructure across the region.

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It’s another big year for some of Houston’s brightest culinary talents. Ten chefs and restaurants are among the semifinalists for the 2023 James Beard Awards.  Justin Yu’s Theodore Rex, which has become a staple in its north Downtown neighborhood, is up for the Outstanding Hospitality Award while Chris Williams of Lucille’s Hospitality Group is nominated for Outstanding Restauranteur. Northwest side Mexican eatery Tatemó is nominated in the Best New Restaurant category and EaDo hotspot Nancy’s Hustle is nominated in the category of Outstanding Wine and Other Beverages Program.  When it comes to emerging talent, Cochinita & Co. Chef Victoria Elizondo is representing Houston while Christine Ha and Tony J. Nguyen of Xin Chào are up for overall Outstanding Chef.  Four local chefs are nominated in the category of Best Chef: Texas.  Greg Gatlin, Gatlin’s BBQ Benchawan Jabthong Painter, Street to Kitchen Ai Le, Nam Giao Kiran Verma, Kiran's The James Beard Awards are widely recognized as the “Oscars of the Food World.” Finalists will be announced on March 29 with the awards ceremony following on June 5 in Chicago.  Previous local winners include Hugo Ortega (2017), Justin Yu (2016), Chris Shepherd (2014) and Robert Del Grande (1992) all in the "Best Chef: Southwest" category. Since then, the awards have carved out Texas as its own regional category.  Learn more about Houston's culinary scene.   
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Museum Exhibitions to Check Out This Spring

Houston is home to a diverse, vibrant collection of museums celebrating everything from art and culture to history and science. While these distinguished institutions are open to natives and tourists year-round with a wide collection of permanent displays, temporary exhibitions offer limited-time, unique experiences that are not to be missed. Check out a select number of exhibitions coming to Houston this spring, and be sure to visit each museum’s website to learn about events and exhibitions coming later this year.    Contemporary Arts Museum Houston  Where do we go from here? That’s the question that over 100 teen artists across Houston sought to answer in this upcoming exhibition of the same name from the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. Encompassing a variety of mediums, from painted collage to abstract sculpture, the works displayed as part of CAMH’s Teen Council’s 13th biennial exhibition reflect the diverse life experiences of its artists and seek to explore the idea that identity is neither stagnant nor singular, but rather is influenced by our responses to varying catalysts in our lives. February 17 through July 2. Learn more    Museum of Fine Arts, Houston  As part of their national tour, Artemisia Gentileschi’s 17th-century Judith and Holofernes and Kehinde Wiley’s 21st-century Judith and Holofernes are placed in dialogue with one another at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s Portrait of Courage exhibition. Spanning time and culture, both works are a depiction of the Old Testament Book of Judith, in which a local Jewish widow saves her town from an approaching Assyrian attack led by General Holofernes. This thought-provoking display will invite visitors to examine their own feelings and experiences with the timeless issues of gender, race, violence, oppression, and social power through this powerful shared narrative. January 25 through April 16. Learn more  Click to expand Portrait of Courage: Gentileschi, Wiley, and the Story of Judith at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Coming soon to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, None Whatsoever is a celebration of one of the world’s most fascinating religious and artistic traditions, exploring the origins of Zen Buddhism in Japanese painting through ink paintings and calligraphies done by painter-monks. Curated by New Orleans-based collectors Kurt Gitter and Alice Yelen, this exhibition also includes a careful selection of modern and contemporary art influenced by Zen Buddhism features and is equal parts playful and profound. February 19 through May 14. Learn more  A new gallery opening in March at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston will highlight the full extent of the MFAH’s holdings in Islamic art, including a selection from the exquisite collection of Hossein Afshar. Art of the Islamic Worlds will contain hundreds of artworks spanning over 1,000 years from historic Islamic lands, including present-day Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Spain, Syria, and Uzbekistan. With nearly 6,000 square feet of new gallery space, the MFAH has nearly doubled the amount of permanent display space for Islamic art and will feature paintings, ceramics, precious inlaid metal ware, and silk fabrics and carpets that all convey the rich artistic traditions of the Islamic worlds. Opens March 5. Learn more    Houston Center for Contemporary Craft  Houston-based multidisciplinary artist Matt Manalo captures his experience living in the United States after immigrating from his home country of the Philippines through a new exhibition at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft: Philippine-Made: The Work of Matt Manalo. Through a display of sculptures made from air-dry clay, bamboo, and plant materials, Manalo takes us on an autobiographical, self-reflective journey that brings visibility and awareness to the Filipinx community while also addressing the racism and colonialism that has persisted following America’s occupation of the Philippines. February 11 through May 13. Learn more    Holocaust Museum Houston  Woman, the Spirit of the Universe is an exhibition at the Holocaust Museum Houston featuring the work of Carolyn Marks Johnson, a lawyer and former Harris County senior district judge who has crafted a stunning collection of bronze collars all representing American heroines across multiple generations who have fought for equality. Stitched by hand and later cast in bronze, Johnson has memorialized the likes of Dolores Huerta, Chief Wilma Mankiller, Harriet Tubman, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg and will debut her two newest collars honoring former Houston Mayor Annise Parker and Houston’s first librarian Julia B. Ideson. Johnson’s art is a symbol of the persisting struggle for women’s rights, with the name for the exhibition stemming from the belief that a woman’s spirit is what holds the universe together. January 13 through April 2. Learn more  Click to expand Woman, the Spirit of the Universe at Holocaust Museum Houston. Photo credit: Sonya Cuellar Hungarian-Jewish artist Alice Lok Cahana was transported with her family to Auschwitz at the age of 15, before being transferred to the Bergen-Belsen camp. While Cahana was one of the few fortunate enough to be liberated in 1945, her family was not so lucky and joined the thousands of Jews killed during the Holocaust. Believing that her work had to be about the transcendence of the human spirit and a triumph over evil, Cahana’s extensive portfolio of abstract artwork that began after her immigration to Houston in 1957 is an illustration of her experiences during the Holocaust and a tribute to the lives that were lost. The Life and Art of Alice Lok Cahana exhibition at the Holocaust Museum Houston features over a dozen multi-media works and includes a video component showcasing the personal stories and memories of her friends and family. February 3 through April 9. Learn more    Moody Center for the Arts  Featuring the work of 22 international artists, Narrative Threads: Fiber Art Today explores the practice of fiber art - fine art that focuses on the manual labor of the artist and the materials, usually natural or synthetic fibers, as part of the works’ significance – and how the next generation of artists is using the medium to initiate important conversations. Textile collages, thread drawings, and outdoor installations, among other works, are utilized as autobiographies and social critiques from the artists, encompassing topics such as identity, gender, race, sexuality, repression, and power. Several of the artists featured at this Moody Center exhibition identify as women, LGBTQ+, and persons of color and are using the fiber art medium to communicate many of these personal and political issues. January 13 through May 13. Learn more    Menil Collection  More than twenty works will be on display at the Menil Collection as part of the Art of the Cameroon Grassfields, A Living Heritage in Houston exhibition – a celebration of the Grassfields region of Cameroon that has gained international recognition for its innovative artists. More than 200 independent monarchies (called chefferies) support these artists through their patronage, and intense competition between these rulers has led to the creation of increasingly elaborate, monumental artworks. Blending the historical with the contemporary, this exhibition will include headdresses, prestige hats, masks, royal stools, figural sculptures, and palace architectural elements from various kingdoms, as well as two installations by Douala-based artist Hervé Youmbi - Celestial Thrones (Les trônes célestes) and Bamiléké-Duala Nyatti Ku’ngang Mask. February 17 through July 9. Learn more    Houston Museum of Natural Science  Now open at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, King Tut’s Tomb Discovery Experience is a unique event that promises to take visitors back to 1922 with Egyptologist Howard Carter as he discovers and explores King Tut’s Tomb. Covering Tutankhamen’s life, death, and the concept of ancient Egyptian afterlife, this immersive exhibition features the dark tunnels of Tutankhamen’s burial chambers, floor-to-ceiling hieroglyphics, and the golden treasures that he took with him into the afterlife. What makes this latest exhibition truly unique is the forced perspective hallway that creates the illusion of descending deeper into the heart of King Tut’s tomb. Now open. Learn more 
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