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Monthly Update: Foreign Trade

June '23, latest data
Published on 8/15/23


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Trade through the Houston-area seaports—Freeport, Galveston, Houston, and Texas City—was valued at $129.0 billion through June of this year, a 7.6 percent drop from $139.7 billion over the comparable period in ’22. Exports are down $11.2 billion (13.8 percent). Imports are up $0.5 billion (0.9 percent). 


The drop in exports reflects the reduced value of crude, refined products, and organic chemicals shipments. Increases in electrical machinery, industrial machinery, and vehicle purchases helped offset decreases in crude and refined product imports.


The four seaports in the metro area handled 123.4 million metric tons of cargo through June of this year, a 1.4 percent increase from the 121.7 million handled over the comparable period in ’22.  Export tonnage was up 3.2 percent; import tonnage was down 3.1 percent.

The region saw increased exports of crude, refined products, petrochemical, and plastic exports, while shipments of grain, inorganic chemicals, and beverages, spirits, and vinegar fell. 

Imports of crude, refined products, iron and steel, and wood slipped compared to last year while the region saw a bump in organic chemicals and electrical machinery shipments.

Patrick Jankowski, CERP
Chief Economist
Senior Vice President, Research

Clara Richardson
Research Associate


Foreign Trade International Business Key Economic Indicators
$129.0 billion

Houston seaports handled $129.0 billion in shipments through June '23.

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