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Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee is the primary business leadership committee that provides oversight, guidance and assistance for the Partnership’s regional economic development initiatives. In conjunction with the International Investment and Trade Advisory Committee, business leadership work collaboratively with staff as well as business experts in the working Committees of Headquarters, Life Science, Energy 2.0, Manufacturing and Logistics, Real Estate and Digital Tech Attraction. The committee’s overarching mission is to provide guidance and support for all Partnership economic development efforts.

The Committee is composed of senior business leaders throughout the greater Houston region. The Committee members are decision makers within key companies located in the greater Houston area. Working closely with the GHP economic development staff (both domestic and international), the Committee’s specific oversight of initiatives involve business intelligence; business recruitment, retention and expansion; the startup ecosystem as well as marketing and outreach.

The Partnership's Priorities for the Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee

  • Maintain Houston’s leadership as the Global Energy Capital and focus on Energy 2.0

  • Advance Houston’s innovation ecosystem strategy

  • Position Houston as a top five headquarters market and America's Headquarters City

  • Affirm and advance Houston’s image as a great global city and the Gateway to the Americas


The Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee includes a number of Committees tasked with specific goals around key industries. These Committees include Digital Tech Attraction, Energy Industry, Headquarters, Manufacturing & Logistics, Real Estate and Life Sciences. Learn more about the directives of the individual Committees below. 

Life Sciences

Charged with positioning Houston as a global leader and Third Coast for life sciences, the Life Sciences Committee is comprised of top-level executives in the industry sector and is dedicated to identifying, recruiting and retaining Life Sciences companies within the greater Houston region.

Energy 2.0

To spur and support the regional growth and development of the new and existing energy industry, the Energy 2.0 Committee works with CEOs from a broad base of energy companies to recruit, develop and expand companies within the greater Houston regional sector.

Real Estate

The Real Estate Committee, comprised of brokers and leaders in regional real estate firms, is focused on assisting regional company projects with real estate identification, through both the development or reuse of real estate.

Headquarters (HQ) Recruitment

To advance Houston as a top five HQ market and Americas HQ City, the Headquarters (HQ) Recruitment Committee, comprised of leaders in HQ offices as well as regional real estate and banking experts, focuses on the regional growth and development of HQ opportunities, both domestic and international, throughout the region.

Digital Tech Attraction

Committed to fostering Houston’s growing innovation ecosystem and technology workforce, the Digital Tech Attraction Committee works to identify, initiate and support the recruitment of digital technology companies to greater Houston. Comprised of CEOs of regional technology companies, this Committee’s overarching mission is to position Houston as a center of innovation across its many industries.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Comprised of senior business leaders and key decision makers in regional manufacturing and logistics companies, the Manufacturing and Logistics Committee works to boost the region’s competitiveness as a world-wide leader in advanced manufacturing and logistics.

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