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Houston Energy Leadership Cohort

The Houston Energy Leadership Cohort is a transformative 10-week, professional development program designed for mid-career professionals in the energy sector. This unique program is your gateway to understanding Houston's pivotal role in the energy transition and empowering you with the knowledge and skills needed to make a significant impact in your career.

Why Participate in the Houston Energy Leadership Cohort?

  • Tailored for Houston's Growth: Be part of a program in the heart of a growing hub for leading energy companies. Houston's talent will play a crucial role in shaping the energy transition.

  • Financial Expertise: Understand the capital and processes needed for successful technology implementation in the capital-intensive energy industry.

  • Community Partnership: Learn to be expert communicators and valuable partners to Houston’s communities – a crucial aspect in the energy sector.

  • Agility and Resilience: Equip yourself with the agility and resilience needed to navigate the non-linear path of the energy transition.

Applications for the fall 2024 cohort are now available!

Course Objectives

  • Define Energy Transition in Houston: Understand the unique characteristics of Houston's energy transition.

  • Examine Ecosystem of Energy Transition: Explore the various roles within the energy transition ecosystem.

  • Explore Policy and Finance Changes: Gain insights into policy and finance changes and their implications for the industry.

  • Identify Transferable Skills: Recognize traditional energy industry skills that transfer seamlessly to energy transition professions.

  • Apply Communication and Cognitive Skills: Enhance your communication and cognitive skills for effective collaboration and problem-solving.

  • Create Solutions that Have Impact: Develop practical solutions to energy transition challenges.

Apply for the fall 2024 cohort by July 26!

How do I get involved?
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