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Manufacturing Overview

Nearly one in three Texas manufacturers calls Houston home.
Published on 4/19/21
Houston Manufacturing Overview

In ’19, manufacturing accounted for $86.0 billion, or 16.8 percent, of the Houston MSA’s gross domestic product, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. 

Manufacturing employment in the Houston MSA averaged 223,707 in ’20 with an average wage of $88,575. Fabricated metals product manufacturing accounted for 22.2 percent of total manufacturing employment; machinery manufacturing, 20.1 percent; and chemical manufacturing, 17.8 percent.

Between ’15 and ’20, manufacturing employment in the Houston region declined by 8.6 percent from 244,805 workers to 223,707. 



1 in 3

Nearly 1 in 3 manufacturers in Texas call Houston home

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