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New Partnership Members in October

The Greater Houston Partnership welcomed 24 new member companies in the month of October. The Partnership works to connect companies with resources, information and networking opportunities to help…
Living In Houston

Houston's Flourishing Mural Art Scene

If you walk through any Houston neighborhood, you’ll find walls covered in murals. And it isn’t by coincidence. Over the past decade, cities around the country, including Houston, have embraced the…
Economic Development

Greentown Labs Launches Cross-Collaboration with Startups, Universities to Jumpstart Innovations

Greentown Labs continues to show its support for fostering energy innovation in Houston as the city aims to lead the world’s energy transition. The climatetech startup incubator has launched the…
Living In Houston

How Houston has Evolved to Embrace Multimodal Transportation

Houston often makes lists of some of the nation’s most sprawling, car-centric metros. But, the city has evolved over the years to include more light rail and other multimodal transportation options…
Real Estate

Houston Jumps in Ranking of Top U.S. Real Estate Markets

More real estate professionals are viewing Houston as a market to watch, according to findings from a new survey.  The Bayou City ranks No. 14 out of 80 cities examined on the top real estate markets…
Quality of Life

Post-Pandemic Traffic Picking Up in Large U.S. Cities, But Downtown Traffic Remains Down

Traffic in the nation’s biggest cities has largely returned to pre-pandemic levels, but a recent report suggests traffic remains more than 25% below pre-pandemic levels in the downtowns of those…
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