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Industry Event

TMC Announces New 500-Acre Biomanufacturing Campus, Additional Expansion Plans

The Texas Medical Center plans to expand by building a new biomanufacturing facility, TMC BioPort, that aims to further advance Houston’s life sciences ecosystem. Bill McKeon, President and CEO of…

Partnership Members Making News - September 2022

The Greater Houston Partnership celebrates our members making important announcements and sharing news about their operations and impact in our community. Learn more about some of those announcements…
Economic Development

Houston Ranks 11th Best City in the Nation in New Report

Houston climbed six spots on this year’s list of America’s Best Cities, buoyed by attributes like its diversity, culture and economic development performance.  America’s Best Cities is a competitive…

Rise to the Top: Brenda Hellyer of San Jacinto College

In this episode of the Partnership's Rise to the Top podcast, we talk with Dr. Brenda Hellyer, Chancellor of San Jacinto College.  Host and Partnership Chief Development Officer Katie Pryor talks to…

Last Week in the Energy Capital of the World

For over 100 years, Houston has been a global hub of energy activity. That tradition continues today, particularly as the world transitions toward lower carbon energy solutions. In 2021, HETI was…

Bayou Business Download: Are We in a Recession?

In this episode we’re talking about the possibility of a recession. What are the signs that the U.S. may already be in an actual recession? And what would a possible recession mean for the Houston…